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Computer Architecture
Digital Systems and Computer Architecture
A course on Digital Systems and Computer Architecture

Science and Engineering:

How to make monto into stereo
Fake stereo effect
How to turn mono sound into something stereo. By adding delay between the channels.

If you take mono sound (L and R equal), but add a small delay in one side, the sound gets a stereo effect. Here I added 8 ms to the R channel after 10 s. And then 8 steps of 2 ms at the L channel after 20 s, so to swap the stereo effect. And then at the end swap back, but slower.

Sound edited with Audacity.
Excerpt from "Travel Ban" of my album "Bring 'M On" available at SoundCloud
Patterns in random data to make people believe
                    anything ....
Using random data to make people believe anything ...
How humans see patterns in random data and how this can be used to program people into believing things. An example is the song of Lady Gaga, Paparazzi, that, when played backwards (thus random), seems o contain a hidden message. Once you see or hear the pattern, you can no longer unsee it. All new data will then be confirmation of the pattern.
C=64 emulator on Linux
Vice. Commodore C=64 emulator on Linux
How to install the VICE Commodore C=64 emulator on Linux and have the tape, disk and cartridges running. Have your program "Hello world!" running in C=64 BASIC.

NB: The C=64 ROM/kernal can be found in
(the file vice-1.5-roms.tar.gz, unpack and put in your home directory in a subdirectory named .vice)
GeoGebra example GeoGebra example An example how to work with GeoGebra
Baking soda and vinegar Chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar The chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar explained with stick-and-balls models.


Funny Joe Biden
Funny Joe Biden Numbers
Joe, how much was that again ... ?
I feel love
"I feel love" on Korg Volca Bass
My first attempt to play something on a musical instrument, ever. It is the base rhythm of the classic song of synthesizer pioneer Giorgio Moroder, "I feel love", made famous by Donna Summer, diva of pop music.
Printer Music
Printer Music
Making music with a printer:
Arduino + Stepper Motor Driver + Printer = Music

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